Acunetix Selected as the Best Tool for Sensitive Audits
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We have recently asked one of our customers for a review of their experiences with Acunetix. This customer is a group of companies that has more than 80,000 staff worldwide in diverse organizational units. However, due to the sensitive nature of their business (national security), they have asked us to remain anonymous.

The group’s Information Systems Security Audit Team uses Acunetix as part of a larger toolset. Most of this team’s work focuses on ad-hoc audits. They are contacted by other organizational units and tasked with testing the security of their resources.

In answer to our query, the IS Security Audit Team stated that they prefer to use Acunetix whenever possible. According to them, Acunetix can find more vulnerabilities than other software that they tried. They also found the number of false positives much lower than in the case of other products. Last but not least, they feel that the reporting capabilities are excellent, both for executives and developers.