Audit your website security with Crashtest Web Vulnerability Scanner



Crashtest Security Vulnerability Scanner

  • Automate OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability Scanning
  • Integrate easily in your current dev pipeline
  • Schedule regular scans
  • Receive reports with remediation advice
  • Very low false positives
  • Privilege escalation scanning
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Scale security with a modern vulnerability scanner.


OWASP Top 10

Test against top 10 web application security vulnerabilities and ensure your code is up to the OWASP standards.

Advanced Security Settings

Test single-page or multi-page applications or APIs against the latest security standards.

Toolchain Integrations

Integrate into your CI/CD Pipeline, vulnerability management solutions, chat tools, version and ticketing systems.


Detailed Reports

Download customised PDF reports to share with the team or clients easily.


Team Cooperation

Download customised PDF reports to share with the team or clients easily.

Scans Automation

Easily automate and personalize vulnerabilty scans to fit your need and coding pace.

Integrate with your dev environment

Crashtest Security fits seamlessly into your development toolchain, allowing you to integrate vulnerability scanning directly into your development process.

  • CI/CD Pipeline – Circle CI, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI
  • Vulnerability Management – DefectDojo, Faraday
  • Chat Tools – Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord
    …to name a few…
Crashtest pricing

How Crashtest Security Suite works

in 4 simple steps

Web Vulnerability scanner


web application security

Add and verify ownership of your scan domain/target

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Go and get coffee. We’ll email you when the scan is done.

Crashtest web scanner

Visit the Dashboard and see the results.

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