Cyberbit : One On-Demand Platform Covering the Entire Cybersecurity Skilling Lifecycle

Your Skill Management Center

Our platform enables information security leaders to manage their team’s entire skill development lifecycle in one, SaaS platform. Screen candidates, onboard new hires, quantify your team’s capabilities, plan your skills development program, run live-fire cyber range exercises, and identify gaps, to ensure your team is ready to respond to the most recent threats.

Uncover Team Readiness

Stress-test your SOC team in a simulated attack and instantly retrieve your readiness score. Compare your performance to industry benchmarks. Share your progress with Management to prove the impact of your SOC investment.

Identify Your All-Star Talent

Get insights on each of your team member’s skills to ensure your resources accomplish their objectives.

Get the Most Out of Your Security Solutions

You’ve invested in cybersecurity technology. Is your team qualified to use it effectively? Cyberbit ensures you get the most out of your technology investment by integrating commercial tools into hands-on exercises, proven to increase the impact of your security stack by over 25%.

Develop Skills in Cyber Labs

Provide your team with the most effective and engaging way to develop their hands-on skills with a massive catalog of cyber labs. New labs are released each month allowing an individual to experience the latest threat vectors, understand defensive techniques, and master their security tools.

Defend Your Cloud


We are the only platform to offer live-fire cloud security exercises using live AWS and Azure networks, simulating cloud attacks. These exercises ensure that your team is fully prepared with the skills for defending your cloud.


Cyberbit Distributor in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa Region!

Customers and Partners can enjoy local support, training, implementation and consulting services with the presence of local office managed by emt distribution based in Dubai and other regions.

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