Managed Security Services

Leverage Best-in-Breed Managed Services

Leverage Best-in-Breed Managed Services to Enhance Your Digital Posture

We provide Managed Security services for businesses that align with their business need and Cybersecurity goals. We keep pace with the changing dynamics as per organization’s need or changing Cybersecurity landscape by continual improvement and quickly adopting Cybersecurity solutions.


Outsource your Cybersecurity infrastructure for around the clock monitoring with an integrated security ecosystem. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is equipped to provide 24×7 management and monitoring services for your Cloud, Hybrid or On-premise based cybersecurity solutions. EMT Distribution uses combination of different tools and technologies to deliver SLA based services.

Our Services

Identify Vulnerability in your IT environment and patch it automatically

Integrated Security Service to Monitor, Prevent, Monitor, Prevent, Detect and Analyze Cybersecurity Attacks

Management Of cyber security technology and devices


Expand Threat Visibility to Advance Your Security Operations

Leverage Expertise to Resolve Issues, and Manage Complexity

Find beyond what you can, Threat Hunting