MetaDefender Core v5.3 Release: New Central Hub Architecture
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Product Overview

OPSWAT MetaDefender Core protects organizations’ web applications, endpoints, and multiple other data sources from advanced cybersecurity threats.

MetaDefender Core leverages proprietary technologies, including Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR), Multiscanning, File-Based Vulnerability Assessment, Data Loss Prevention, and Threat Intelligence to provide comprehensive protection for your networks and infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated malware.

Release Highlights

Brand-New Central Hub Architecture

OPSWAT is committed to continuously innovating and enhancing our products to better serve our customers’ needs and meet organizations’ security infrastructure and policies.

Understanding users’ increasing need for large-scale deployment, MetaDefender Core v5.3 introduces a new Central Hub architecture with high-powered, auto-scaling capability, high availability, and fault tolerant.

Also, this architecture helps MetaDefender Core automatically adjust workload resource to match demand and maintain steady performance at the lowest possible cost.

Brand-New Central Hub Architecture Image

The Central Hub architecture incorporates MetaDefender Core, PostgreSQL database server, and newly added components running as service:

  • MetaDefender Core Hubs (Central Hubs)
  • MetaDefender Core NAS (Network-Attached Storage).
  • Redis (the open-source caching server).
  • RabbitMQ (the open-source messaging broker).

The architecture supports single/multiple MetaDefender Core Hub(s) behind a load balancer. New MetaDefender Core instances and MetaDefender Core Hub instances can connect to the master MetaDefender Core Hub to fetch credentials to related components (RabbitMQ, Redis, Postgres server, Storage server), then make connections and start their designed functionalities.

Users can manually configure new MetaDefender Core instances and/or MetaDefender Core Hub instances to connect directly to related services without the master.

Platforms supported:

  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise 7.x, 8x / CentOS 7.x; Debian 9.x, 11.x / Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 
  • Windows: Windows 10, Windows server 2016 or above

More detailed information on the new Central Hub (BETA) can be found here.

PostgreSQL Bundle Upgrade

PostgreSQL server bundled with MetaDefender Core installation is upgraded from version 12.11 to version 12.12 to address security vulnerabilities.

Additional Proactive DLP Workflow Configuration

Starting from this release, administrators are enabled to configure Proactive DLP processing workflow to block file processing when the processing fails or times out.

Additional Proactive DLP Workflow Configuration Image

Engine Integration Improvements

This version comes with a notable back-end engine integration improvement that facilitates engines (Deep CDR, Proactive DLP, Vulnerability, etc.) to instantly provide users new engines’ features, enhancements and updates without MetaDefender Core upgrade requirement.

Learn more about other product enrichments in stability and user interface by reading MetaDefender Core v5.3 release notes.

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