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Transform Your IT Operations with Progress Chef

How Chef Helps?

Change Safely:
• Changes in code can be tested and controlled through pipelines for ensure they are safe and approved 
• Easily allows for processes like change review and approval 
• Infrastructure as code documents your infrastructures state in code and eases onboarding of new employees, reducing errors 
• Changes are versioned (and possibly immutable)
• Designed to support Test Driven Development from the beginning

Maintain Consistency:
• A single codebase can manage your infrastructure in on prem, in the cloud and at the edge on multiple operating systems
• Automation allows standardization between business units in organizations
• Self corrects configuration drift

Secure and Compliant Infrastructure:
• Combine infrastructure and compliance concerns in a single artifact
• Safe and controlled promotion of compliance content from development to production • All systems and resources are continuously and automatically evaluated, corrected, and modified

Scale Easily:
• With infrastructure defined in code you can just as easily build 1 or 1 million servers depending on your business needs
• Allows for collaboration between Operations and Development, and Security teams

Security & Compliance – the challenge

Security & Compliance are non-negotiable, but too often impede velocity and create inefficiencies.

Security reviews at the end of the dev process block progress

Audit time commitments distract staff from high value work

Limited visibility and collaboration create undue risk


Chef continues to lead in the DevOps space by helping IT teams adopt modern day best practices. Some of its benefits include: 

Change Safely

Automate systems’ adherence to declared desired state and minimize security delays and fire drills.

Run Everywhere

Infrastructure automation solutions for Multi-OS, multi-cloud, on-prem, hybrid and complex legacy architectures.

Scale Easily

The largest companies in the world, like Meta/facebook, GM, Bank Hapoalim, and SAP, count on Chef to automate at massive scale.

Actionable Insights

Real-time data that is easy to filter and provides reachable and actionable data for every node under management.


Chef® Compliance™ makes it easier than ever to maintain and enforce compliance across the enterprise, with standards-based audit and remediation content, easily tuned baselines to adapt to the organization’s needs, and visibility and control across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Streamline Audits

Gain full visibility and easily manage waivers to eliminate 90% of the time spent on audits.

Maintain Continuous Compliance

Close the loop between audit and remediation to ensure assets are always in compliance with CIS benchmarks and DISA STIGs.

Easily Meet Enterprise Needs

Leverage certified, Chef-curated audit and remediation content that is easily tuned to organizational needs.

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