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Kemp LoadMaster load balancing solutions and extensive library of application deployment templates provide high performance and secure delivery of application workloads from a wide range of vendors across multiple sectors.

Benefits of LoadMaster:

  • LoadMaster can enhance application availability and resilience by removing single points of failure in the data center.
  • LoadMaster simplifies application delivery with easy management.
  • LoadMaster provides security by preventing malicious and unauthorized access to application resources.
  • LoadMaster offers scalability that enable resilient delivery of wide range of application workloads.
  • LoadMaster includes core set of features.
  •  LoadMaster offers performance and its features at an attractive price point.
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High Performance, Secure Delivery of Applications & Prevent Exploits

Explore Kemp Products

Hardware LoadMaster

Advanced load balancing hardware that delivers high performance application experience for any environment.

Virtual LoadMaster

A fully featured load balancer and application delivery controller (ADC) that supports all the major application with easy to use templates.

Cloud LoadMaster

Fully featured cloud load balancers optimally sized and priced for public cloud environments.

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“The deployment of the Virtual Loadbalancer its easy like 1-2-3 “.

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Customers and Partners can enjoy Progress Kemp local support, training, implementation, and consulting services with the presence of emt distribution based in Dubai and the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa.
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