UAE University now offers emerging tech training and certification with CertNexus in collaboration with emt Distribution Technology
UAE University now offers emerging tech training and certification with CertNexus in collaboration with emt Distribution Technology

United Arab Emirates University, UAEU, the first and foremost comprehensive national university in the United Arab Emirates announces the addition of in-demand emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials to their curriculum thanks to their new partnership with global certification body CertNexus.

As both public and private sectors navigate within the fourth industrial revolution, multi-vendor and open-source solutions are the norm to provide best in class results. Whether it is employing artificial intelligence or data science to grow a business, implementing a high-value innovation using an internet of things solution, or maintaining secure access to protect customer data through security protocols, it is the people responsible for maintaining and implementing the solutions that provide the greatest value and highest risk to an organisation. As technology becomes the de facto solution across all industries, the need for skills standardisation is more crucial than ever.

“There is an increasing deficiency of skilled talent within data driven technology roles which risks stifling growth says James Varnham, Managing Director of Logical Operations and CertNexus, and to that end academia is having to be agile in providing industry-based training and certification opportunities for under-grad and graduate students to ensure that they have the skills demanded by their future employers in the private or public sectors. UAEU has proven to provide the academic thought leadership needed to bridge the gap between academic accomplishments and the constantly evolving demand of skills that the private sector is screaming out for.”

CertNexus is committed to providing certification programs that ensure students have best-in-class skill sets to match an organisations business critical technology solution. CertNexus’ certification programs in artificial intelligence/ machine learning, data science, IoT and cyber security broaden data, developer, IT, and security professional’s knowledge and empower individuals on how to apply an ethical filter across these data driven technologies, by validating skills using globally recognised curriculum and high stakes examinations. CertNexus micro-credentials provide non-technical business leaders, project managers, and compliance personnel the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and lead projects. Whether providing introductory information, a deeper dive in specialised area, or compliance training, micro-credentials are right-sized for the need – validating focused knowledge.

UAEU said, “With tremendous technological development and innovation continuing to move forward, Emerging Technologies have begun to shape the features of our world today, but there are five technologies that are most important in the world today, those technologies are artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, deep education, and advanced robotics. The United Arab Emirates University has established the Center for Continuing Education to translate the university’s role in community service that contributes in transferring of knowledge, science, and modern technologies in line with the strategic plan of the UAE.”

Accordingly, the Continuing Education Center has been providing excellent training and education for Emirati youth to keep pace with the most important global innovations. The Continuing Education Center at the UAEU has partnered with CertNexus, which offers a variety of emerging technologies in the form of various courses in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. At the end of each course, an accredited international certificate is presented.

We at the Center for Continuing Education at the UAE University are pleased to sign an agreement with CertNexus on the sidelines of its participation in Gitex 2021. The agreement was signed by Dr Issa Al Rumaithi, Director of the Center for Continuing Education.

Mo Mobasseri, CEO, emt Distribution said, “Emerging Technologies are the future. UAE always being ahead of the curve by planning well in advanced and making sure that the country and people are always utilising latest technologies, having said that, universities are playing an important role for educating, introducing, and utilising emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, data science, etc.”

“emt are very thrilled to join hands with UAE University in collaboration with CertNexus to be part of this journey in the country. UAEU vision is a great help to make the process smooth,” he added.