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Empower yourself and your team with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. Our state-of-the-art training center is dedicated to providing comprehensive and hands-on cybersecurity training programs that cater to individuals, organizations and businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an aspiring cybersecurity professional or an organization looking to enhance your security, our expert instructors and cutting -edge facilities will ensure you succeed. 

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Upskilling training modules

Industry specific insights

Cutting-edge technologies

Certified trainers

Hands-on Labs

Tailored Learning paths

Our industry leading experts have extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity with a deep understanding of the latest threats and best practices. From dedicated labs with the latest software tools to immersive virtual environments, you will have access to the necessary resources for effective training. 

emt Academy is committed to

Creating a Security Conscious Culture

Strengthening Cyber Resilience & learn to mitigate data breaches

Protecting Customer Trust

Our Partners & Courses - CertNexus


As the global provider of vendor neutral, emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials, CertNexus understands that the success of an organization depends upon all its people. We build certifications and micro-credentials for your entire sta  encompassing three essential concepts: Think. Build. Secure.

Our Partners & Courses - CompTIA


The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has grown to become an indispensable community for millions of businesses and individuals seeking to thrive in the $5.2 trillion global IT/tech industry.

In general, the pathways follow a hierarchy of skills needed for a career in IT Security or Infrastructure; each certification builds upon the skills from previous one. CompTIA certifications mirror the current job roles of IT professionals, so it makes sense to earn these certifications to gain the knowledge and hands-on skills currently being used in the workforce, whether you have job experience or not. IT professionals and employers alike understand that while IT certifications are a great place to start, they are not a replacement for experience. By combining CompTIA certifications with on-the-job experience, you get best of both worlds.

Our Partners & Courses - GDATA


he G DATA academy offers companies of all sizes state-of-the-art trainings & comprehensive knowledge on the subject of cyber security. On our interactive platform, employees learn in exciting online courses how to protect themselves and companies from attacks in everyday digital life. Accessible from anywhere, varied and easy to integrate.

Topics at a glance:

Our Partners & Courses - Hack The Box

The #1 cybersecurity upskilling platform – which gives individuals, businesses and universities the tools they need to continuously improve their cybersecurity capabilities – all in one place.

Develop your skills with guided training and prove your expertise with industry certifications. Become a market-ready cybersecurity professional.

Hack The Box for


  • Train with Dedicated Labs
  • Get Certified With Professional Labs
  • Learn Cybersecurity With HTB Academy.

Hack The Box for


  • Visualize progress and bridge gaps
  • Customize and map learning potential
  • Access extensive range of hints
  • Self paced and flexible learning
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