Deal Registration

emt Online Deal Registration System

Thank you for taking the time to register your deal.

There are requirements to deal registration for few our Products. Please consult the FAQs listed on the right side of the page for an queries, or contact us directly and an emt representative will be in touch shortly to discuss this opportunity.

Deal Registration

Deal Registration FAQ

Deal registration program has been designed to reward and protect the partner who has put time and effort into generating and working a genuine opportunity. By registering an opportunity the partner can increase the discount margin. Each opportunity can only be registered to one partner, leaving other competing partners with a lower margin.

Once the partner has received the deal registration approval he is required to provide regular updates as per set timescales, proportionate to the deal close date. The partner attends fortnightly pipeline calls with distribution and vendors to discuss progress and provide feedback on all deals registered and approved.

Should an opportunity not receive any sufficient (real) updates for 30 days or longer, Vendor may remove the deal registration approval at any time.

9 monthsBi-monthly
6 monthsMonthly
Next quarterBi-weekly
This quarterBi-weekly
Next monthWeekly
This monthWeekly
This weekAs often as needed to close