License Optimization to Reduce Spend
and Compliance Risk

Software asset management

Flexera SAM Overview

Flexera FlexNet Manager software and IT (information technology) asset management solutions manage and optimize enterprise software regardless of location, from the desktop to the data center to the cloud. It gives your organization a growth path and roadmap for success. Manage and reduce spend on applications from Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Symantec and SAP.

Flexera SAM lets you know how better license management can save you money and time through software license optimization.

FlexNet Manager Suite automates critical processes to dramatically reduce the time and effort required from both IT operations and IT procurement staff.

Optimize licenses, reduce compliance risks with FLEXNET MANAGER SUITE


FlexNet Manager for Clients

Automatically applies product use rights acquired through software license agreements from desktop vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft.

FlexNet Manager for Data Centers

FlexNet Manager for Data Centers can help you get control and you get complete visibility and insight for all your assets.

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications

Managing SAP® licenses can require significant time and effort.FlexNet Manager help you naavigate SAP for business success.

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications helps to gain a better understanding of the actual usage on our concurrent licenses.

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With FlexNet Manager for Clients you can:

• Optimize license consumption to reduce software costs
• Maintain continuous software license compliance to minimize audit risk
• Manage contracts to reduce software maintenance and subscription costs
• Track application usage to reclaim licenses, optimize renewals and reduce denials of service
• Automate license management to reduce manual effort and improve operational efficiency
With FlexNet Manager for data centers you can:

• Collect an accurate and comprehensive inventory of complex and business-critical data center applications
• Optimize license consumption and reduce ongoing software spend
• Reduce the time and effort managing licenses and demonstrating compliance for software audits
• Accurately plan and budget for future needs
• Gain continuous control of the software estate with repeatable, automated, best-practice SAM process
With FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications you can:

• View usage data across all SAP systems
• Optimize ongoing SAP license costs
• Maintain compliance by assigning each user the optimal named user license
• Minimize duplicate users and idle licenses
• Budget accurately for future SAP license requirements
• Use a single point of control for administration functions across all SAP systems, such as running system measurements and activity checks
With FlexNet Manager for engineering applications you can:

• Optimize spending on expensive technical applications
• Report usage data for better forecasting and vendor negotiation
• Simplify and centralize license server administration
• Efficiently share licenses across the enterprise
• Improve engineering and design professionals’productivity
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Award-winning solutions help you gain accurate visibility of software assets to drive strategic and financial decisions that impact finance and reduce security risk.

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