Privileged Access Security

Comprehensive security for privileged accounts, endpoints and process automation

Osirium Overview

Osirium is a leading cybersecurity SaaS vendor delivering Privileged Access Management (PAM), Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) and Privileged Process Automation (PPA) solutions that are uniquely simple to deploy and maintain.

With privileged credentials involved in over 80% of security breaches, customers rely on Osirium’s innovative 2nd generation PAM technology to control 3rd party access, protect them against insider threats, and demonstrate rigorous compliance. Osirium PPA Process Automation solution delivers time and cost savings by securely automating complex, multi-system processes, allowing them to be delegated and to free up specialist IT resources. The Osirium PEM solution balances security and productivity by removing risky local administrator rights from users, while at the same time allowing escalated privileges for specific applications.

Osirium Middle East overview
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Osirium PAM

Privileged Access Management

Separate users from admin passwords and never expose credentials, remove the risk of credential abuse, secure working with third-parties, prove compliance

Osirium PPA

Privileged Process Automation

Reduce the load on IT Operations teams, protect valuable admin credentials, remove the risk and cost of manual errors, improve customer service & business productivity

Osirium PEM

Privileged Endpoint Management

Remove local admin rights – enforce “least privilege” policies, remove the risk of attack and lateral movement, empower users, enforce corporate security policies

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PAM Benefits

  • Delegate tasks to users safely: limiting their access and maintain full audit logs and session recordings.
  • Implement “least privilege” policies: users only have the access they need for the time they
    need it and no more.
  • Manage third-party access to internal systems with time-limited access and session recordings.
  • Easily comply with corporate security policies and provide auditors with the data they need.
  • Flexible deployment: PxM Platform can be installed on-premise or in AWS or Azure cloud environments.

PPA Benefits

  • Automate complex, cross-system processes to avoid involving multiple admins while still having human-guidance.
  • Delegate tasks to help desk agents or users safely, allowing admins to focus on high-value tasks.
  • Credentials are securely injected by PPA and never revealed to the user.
  • Round-trip automation with help desk tools such as ServiceNow

PEM Benefits

  • With PEM, you can manage users’ execution of applications that are run with elevated privileges.
  • Policies enable IT to fine-tune exactly which applications to either allow or deny privileged
    execution for specific AD users and groups
  • Learning Mode ensures users can run their required privileged applications without contacting IT
  • Enforce compliance and audit trails: ensure only verified applications are used and full
    audit trail of escalations is maintained.

Osirium Distributor in Middle East Turkey, and Africa

Customers and Partners can enjoy local support, training, implementation and consulting services with the presence of local office managed by emt distribution based in Dubai and other regions.

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