Making Hacking Training GAMIFIED

A global, talented team with one mission, connect and upskill the cybersecurity community

Hack The Box Overview

Our platform offers a diverse range of challenges, virtual labs, and a vibrant community that empowers you to enhance your cybersecurity expertise.

Hack The Box helps hundreds of security leaders across the globe to equip their teams with the skills and expertise they need to proactively secure and protect their organization. 

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Your gateway to the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

Key Features are as below:

Challenges and Labs

Engage in hands-on challenges covering web security, network penetration testing, cryptography, and more, all within a controlled and legal environment.


Connect with a thriving community of ethical hackers and security enthusiasts. Share knowledge, discuss solutions, and grow together.

Ranking and Scoring

Compete, earn points, and improve your ranking. Our gamified platform motivates you to excel in your cybersecurity journey.

Active and Retired Machines

Access a wealth of real-world scenarios. Practice on active machines or explore retired challenges to build your skills.

Subscription Plans

Choose from free and VIP memberships. VIP members enjoy exclusive benefits like early access to new machines and extended lab time.

Cybersecurity Training

Access a variety of learning materials, including video tutorials and written guides, to bolster your ethical hacking skills.

Career Development

Hack The Box is your stepping stone to a cybersecurity career. Gain practical experience and knowledge to pursue roles in ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Respect for Privacy and Legality

We emphasize ethical hacking and responsible conduct. Hack within legal boundaries, and uphold ethical standards.

Customers and Partners can enjoy local support, training, implementation and consulting services with the presence of local office managed by emt distribution based in Dubai and other regions.

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