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Minimize your corporate data leakage risks with
Zecurion Data Loss Prevention


Zecurion Overview

Zecurion data loss prevention (DLP) solution is an easy-to-use solution for securing confidential data at rest, in motion, at the endpoint or on network, in the cloud, and to demonstrate regulatory compliance. With pricing and configurations that are SMB as well as large-enterprise friendly, Zecurion DLP is quick and easy to integrate into the existing IT infrastructure without any complexity. 

The solution supports network, endpoint and agent-based discovery functions. Zecurion is continuously developing technologies including those addressing risk of leaks through social and mobile applications.

Learn how Zecurion DLP helps companies minimize losses from insider threats


Zecurion Data Loss Prevention

Protects sensitive and private data from leaks in enterprise networks (up to 200K+ computers)

Zecurion Privileged Access Management

Visual control of роwеr users and prevention of their abuse of privileges.

Zecurion Secure Web Gateway

Web sites access control and traffic analysis from а single point.

Zecurion Storage Security

Transparent encryption of critical data on Windows servers and storage (SAN, NAS, etc.)

Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide

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Reasons to choose Zecurion Solutions

Zecurion DLP

  • Prevents up to 98% of leaks through the use of 10 content analysis technologies.
  • Controls email, internet traffic, USB devices, and more than 100 other local and network data leak channels.
  • Analyzes Office documents, databases, scans and drawings, presentations and more than 500 other file formats.

Zecurion PAM

  • Isolates critical network resources (users do not connect to managed systems directly)
  • Records user logs and video sessions, allows watching them with an interactive player right in the console.
  • Controls all popular remote administration protocol, including SSH, RDP, НТТР, HTTPS.

Zecurion SWG

  • Easily implemented thanks to agentless architecture.
  • Classifies over 500 million URLs with traffic starting from 4 visits реr day.
  • Provides detailed reports on visited web sites with per-user granularity.
  • Distinguishes оvеr 100 web sites categories including unwanted and malware.

Zecurion Storage Security

  • 1-day installation into the corporate environment without interrupting user operation.
  • Remote management (including emergency data destroy via the phone оr application)
  • Separates employee privileges and reduces the risks of abuse/collusion/theft thanks to а key quorum.

Awards and Certifications

Award-winning solutions helping companies to protect against insider threats.

Zecurion DLP Solution Distributor in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa Region!

Customers and Partners can enjoy local support, training, implementation and consulting services with the presence of local office managed by emt distribution based in Dubai and other regions.

Contact Zecurion Dubai | META and request for DEMO

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