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Acunetix Overview

Acunetix is one of the leading tools on the market for detecting vulnerabilities. It’s an easy-to-use tool which has been continuously developed for over a decade; evolving with the latest vulnerabilities and cyber threats. 

It’s the tool of choice for customers including the US Army, the US Airforce, Barclays Bank, American Express, NIKE and more. It’s available both as an online and on premise solution. Acunetix beats competing products in many areas; including speed, support of modern technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript rich web applications, ability to access restricted areas with ease, the most advanced detection of WordPress vulnerabilities and a wide range of reports including those for compliance.

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Find, Fix, and Prevent Vulnerabilities with
Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner


Crawl & Scan

Scan everything from simple pages to password-protected areas and multi-level forms with advanced crawling technology.

Detect & Alert

With vulnerability detection, it’s accuracy that counts. Acunetix detects over 3000 types of web app vulnerabilities alerting according to severity

Report & Remediate

Get immediately actionable results with validation checks that confirm which vulnerabilities are real and not false positives.

Seamless Integration

Acunetix integrates with your current issue tracking and CI/CD systems to transform your SDLC and safeguard your application code at the earliest stages of its development.

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide

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Acunetix Products

Acunetix Standard

(For small to medium businesses)
  • Real-time web Dashboard
  • 5, 10, or 20 targets
  • 1 user-1 installation
  • OnPrem only
  • No integrations- WAFs, issue trackers, CI tools, etc…No API
  • Generates management reports
  • No compliance reports, only OWASP top 10 report
  • No continuous scanning

Acunetix Premium

(For medium to large organizations)
  • Real-time web Dashboard with trending
  • 5- 50,000 targets
  • Multi-user, multi-role accounts for user
  • Available Online and OnPrem
  • Multi-Engine (activated automatically after 75+ targets)
  • Continuous scanning
  • Integrations APIs, WAFs, Issue Trackers and CI/CD tools like Jenkins

Acunetix 360

(For enterprise organizations)
  • Real-time web customizable Dashboard with trending
  • More than 500 – any number of targets required upon request;
  • Available Online and OnPrem
  • Multi-user, multi-role accounts for user
  • Unlimited number of scan engines
  • Continuous scanning
  • AcuSensor (Gray-box scanner) and AcuMonitor (Out-of-band vulnerability testing) included
  • Integrations APIs, WAFs, Issue Trackers and CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Azure, GitLab and Team Messaging Systems such as Slack

Acunetix Distributor in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa Region!

Customers and Partners can enjoy local support, training, implementation and consulting services with the presence of local office managed by emt distribution based in Dubai and other regions.

Contact Acunetix Dubai | META and request for DEMO

+971 4 285 7366

acunetix [at]

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