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NMS Solution

Infosim StableNet Overview

StableNet® provides Fault, Performance, Configuration, and Services Management on a single platform. A vendor-agnostic solution, StableNet® is built upon a single, consistent code base. The solution is easy to integrate and provides high performance while keeping hardware requirements at a minimum.

The unified network & services management approach has been successfully implemented in key industries like energy, finance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and many more.

All-in-one NMS solution, Infosim® revolutionizes the management of large, heterogeneous network infrastructures.


Discovery & Inventory

Improve network efficiency and capture your assets for insights.

Network Configuration & Change

Reduce configuration errors with vendor independent automation.

Fault Management & Root Cause Analysis

Resolve network problems quickly by getting pinpointed to the root cause.

Performance & Service

Continuously measure KPIs and monitor SLAs to stay in control

How StableNet® improves your Network Management

StableNet Distributor Middle East


Consolidates the zoo-of-management tools in one product for consistent and simple data handling, multi-vendor, cross silos and technologies.


Automates repetitive manual tasks, so you save time for important issues.


Scales with your IT infrastructure such as complex IoT environments in a cost-efficient way.


Scales with your IT infrastructure such as complex IoT environments in a cost-efficient way.

Available Products

StableNet® Telco

StableNet® Enterprise

StableNet® as a Service

Infosim StableNet Distributor in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa Region!

Customers and Partners can enjoy local support, training, implementation and consulting services with the presence of local office managed by emt distribution based in Dubai and other regions.

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