It’s difficult to manage IT spend across a hybrid IT landscape. You need solutions that give you a complete and detailed inventory of software and infrastructure resources across both on-premises and the cloud. You need to manage large enterprise purchases of software and hardware and annual or monthly subscriptions for SaaS, as well as per-minute on-demand spend for public cloud.

Build a lean, modern enterprise by eliminating wasted spending in your IT ecosystem. We make optimizing your technology spending easier, so you can eliminate waste and reallocate investments to critical IT initiatives.

Optimizing costs across software and infrastructure
Ensuring cost optimization for your IT landscape is getting more complicated. You need a complete picture of software and infrastructure costs for both on-premises and cloud environments. You need to manage large enterprise purchases of software and hardware and annual or monthly subscriptions for SaaS, as well as per-minute on-demand spend for public cloud. This complexity causes inefficiencies in IT spend. Enterprises are wasting up to a third of their software and cloud costs, and that’s not counting the 40 percent of spend going to shadow IT. Software license audits can introduce more costs and risk. By optimizing your technology spend, you can eliminate waste and reallocate investments to critical IT initiatives.
Software is transforming enterprises in every industry. With the explosion in the number of software applications organizations use, inefficiencies and redundancies are inevitable. The rise of easy-to-access SaaS applications and an increase in IT purchases by business units result in a lack of visibility for IT teams. IT organizations need to discover and uncover all their software usage, including shadow IT, to eliminate redundancies, reduce risk, and negotiate the best prices for their purchases
Cloud spend, including SaaS and public cloud, is growing 20 percent a year according to Gartner in IT Spending Forecast, 3Q18 Update: Ride the Innovation Wave —a growth rate 7 times faster than overall IT spend. As a result, companies are spending a larger percentage of their IT budgets on cloud each year, and cloud bills are growing accordingly. The use of cloud requires new ways to manage spend. SaaS applications have monthly or annual billing cycles, and public cloud is charged down to per-minute increments based on the actual resources being used. This generates vast quantities of data, with public cloud bills often reaching millions of line items. These new models and the accompanying explosion of data require enterprises to develop new capabilities and competencies for continuous management and optimization of cloud-based spend.

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Strategic Solutions For IT Optimization

Easily monitor, control, and optimize your Cloud spend with Flexera Optima

Buy what you need and use what you buy. Take Control with Flexera Saas Management

License Optimization to reduce Spend & Compliance Risk with Flexera FlexNet Manager

Cloud cost management


Flexera’s Optima offers a unique approach to cloud cost management and optimization. Powerful tools enable cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to reduce wasted spend. When paired with Cloud Management Platform, Optima provides a robust set of capabilities designed to remove the complexity of managing costs and workloads across any cloud provider or server.

Key advantages:

  • Gain a complete picture of cloud costs with combined billing data and detailed usage information
  • Allocate cloud costs to the appropriate cost centers or teams
  • Provide tailored reports to every part of your organization
  • Forecast future cost


Flexera SaaS Manager lets you monitor license utilization through proactively generated, easy-to-read reports. You’ll understand when you’re paying for SaaS licenses but not using them.

Key advantages:

  • Identify more than 32,000 SaaS applications within your organization
  • Monitor license utilization for over 6,200 of these applications
  • Get detailed usage and cost data by internal user segment
  • Allocate SaaS investments by department for financial reporting
saas cost management


Flexera FlexNet Manager software and IT (information technology) asset management solutions manage and optimize enterprise software regardless of location, from the desktop to the data center to the cloud. We’ll give your organization a growth path and roadmap for success. Manage and reduce spend on applications from Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Symantec and SAP.

 Key advantages:

  • Manage and optimize the most complex multi-vendor software licensing challenges
  • Integrations with leading ITSM vendors

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