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emt Distribution around the globe

emt Headquaters

emt Distribution Holding Limited 

Address:  63A, Tower Road, Sleima, 


Tel/Fax:   +35627780707

Website:  http://www.emtholding.com

Support Emails:

Corporate:    [email protected]
Legal:                 [email protected]
Partnership : [email protected]

META R&D Office

emt Distribution

Address: ED65, Building Number 7, Dubai Outsource City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel:   +971 4 369 9768

Website:  www.emtmeta.com

APAC Office

emt Distribution Pty Ltd

Address: Suite 4, 50 King William Road,
Goodwood 5034, SA
Tel:     +61 8 82733030
Fax:    +61 8 82733031

Website:  www.emtdist.com 

Support Emails:

Accounts[email protected]
Sales:  [email protected]
Info:   [email protected]
Tech Support[email protected]

Africa Office

emt Distribution  

Address:  Purshottam Place, 7th floor,

Westlands Rd,  Museum Hill  P.O. Box

 66217- 00800, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel/Fax: +254020-515-4182

Website:  https://www.emtmeta.com

Support Emails:
Corporate:    [email protected]
Legal:                 [email protected]
Partnership : [email protected]

Europe Office

emt Distribution Europe BV

Address: Korenpad 8, Nijmegen, Gelderland 6534, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 8 5023 9828

Website: www.emt-eu.com


Support Emails:
Accounts [email protected]
Sales [email protected]
Info :  [email protected]
Tech Support: support[at]emt-eu.ae