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WhatsUp Gold uses a number of innovative Layer 2/3 discovery technologies -including ARP, SNMP, SSH, Virtual Infrastructure Management, IP addressing, ICMP and LLDP in combination with vendor-proprietary mechanisms – to discover everything connected to your network and build a complete and accurate picture of network devices and their port-to-port connectivity. By correlating Layer 3 discoveries with Layer 2 details, WhatsUp Gold offers a complete and granular view of your network.

Manage networks, traffic, physical servers, VMs and applications with easy-to-use and customizable maps, dashboards and alerts. Easily switch between physical, virtual, wireless, and dependency views to resolve issues quickly.

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Network Monitoring Made Easy with WhatsUp® Gold


Discovery & Network Mapping

Discover and map everything connected to your network. Map, inventory, and visualize your network topology and interdependencies. 

Network Monitoring & Alerting

Keep ahead of network performance and availability issues with powerful Active, Passive, and Performance monitors and alerting features.

Reporting and Dashboards

WhatsUp Gold’s reporting interface makes it easy to quickly collect, refine and deliver the information your IT team needs.

Cloud Monitoring

Discover every element of your AWS or Azure cloud environment and view it on your network map. Monitor and report on cloud billing to prevent expensive surprises.

Server Monitoring

Continuously monitor servers to identify developing problems and fix them before they impact critical applications

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WhatsUp Gold Add-On Modules

Network Traffic Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis delivers detailed and actionable data on network traffic and bandwidth consumption.

Configuration Management

This module automates the configuration and change management for routers, switches and firewalls on your network.

Distributed Monitoring

This feature extends the capabilities of WhatsUp Gold to multiple remote networks, allowing a central installation server and one or more remote installations.

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Application Performance Monitoring

The APM module extends the visibility of WhatsUp Gold to monitor the performance of mission-critical applications.

Virtualization Monitoring

This module that adds the capability to discover, map, monitor, alert and report on both small virtual environments and entire data centers.


Failover Manager

This feature automatically switches from a primary instance of WhatsUp Gold to a backup system if the primary instance fails.

Awards and Certifications

Award-winning solutions provide complete visibility into the status and performance of applications, network devices, and servers in the cloud or on-premises.

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