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Orchestra Group Overview

Orchestra Group addresses the major roadblocks hindering integrated, proactive cybersecurity in the digital world by combining management and operations of IS, IT, Compliance, and Risk into a single platform.

The Harmony “policy-as-code” platform provides integrated cyber “management by objectives,” operationally linking compliance, risk, and security throughout the organization.
Orchestra’s Harmony solution enables security teams to focus on defining, managing, and operationalizing security objectives through high-level executable security policies. Those policies are then transformed into operations by employing APIs to existing cyber-defense systems and additional cyber innovations as needed. 

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Harmonize cybersecurity compliance & risk with
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Harmony Platform

Orchestra’s Harmony Platform is an integrated platform for defining, managing, and operationalizing risk-based, left-of-bang cyber protection using high-level executable security policies.

Harmony IoT

A combination of hardware and cloud-based software that detects and mitigates wireless IoT threats and cyberattacks.

Harmony Purple

An automated blue and red team combination to ensures that your cybersecurity controls are effective against vulnerabilities.

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Reasons to choose Orchestra Solutions

  • Orchestra’s platform provides an integrated approach to defining, managing, and operationalizing security objectives through high-level executable security policies.
  • Orchestra’s initial focus is on continuous, adaptive, risk-based left-of-bang security.
  • Organizations benefit from regulations and best practices driving organizational security posture, rather than just as a checklist for assessment.
  • Orchestra integrates regulations, best practices, threats, incidents, alerts, and processes as first-class citizens of cyber defense.
  • Security teams benefit from integrated operational security, cyber risk monitoring, and compliance providing the coverage metrics needed for continuous policy improvement.

Orchestra Group Distributor in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa Region!

Customers and Partners can enjoy local support, training, implementation and consulting services with the presence of local office managed by emt distribution based in Dubai and other regions.

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