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Airlock-Digital Overview

Application whitelisting with Airlock is a simple, repeatable process. Until now, application whitelisting has been difficult to deploy and maintain. Airlock has been developed from the ground up by security professionals to solve real-world problems with application whitelisting. Airlock incorporates proven and effective workflows, designed for ease of use, in dynamically changing environments.

Airlock is designed to be the most secure application whitelisting solution on the market. Supporting pure hash-based whitelisting on all executable files and application libraries, regardless of file extension.

Stop targeted attacks with Airlock Execution and Allowlisting
(formerly Application Whitelisting)


Workflow Based Application Whitelisting

Airlock enables you to easily create and manage secure whitelists in dynamically changing computing environments.

Centralized reporting

Airlock builds a centralised repository of all executable files handled on your network. 

Simple Deployment, Operation and Maintenance

 Application Whitelisting with Airlock is a simple, repeatable process.


Airlock’s Application Whitelisting solution utilises a lean seven megabyte agent, with small policy sizes and next to zero impact on endpoint resources.

Prevent Ransomware and Targeted Cyber Intrusions

Airlock only permits the execution of files it has been instructed to trust, to run, regardless if a file is known good, bad or indifferent.

Meet Security Compliance

Airlock exceeds compliance requirements, even when placed against the strictest standards.

Why Application Whitelisting ?

Proactive Security Strategy

Airlock removes the ability for attackers to execute malicious and unknown code.

Therefore, significantly increasing the difficulty of attack, blocking never before seen malware and removing core tools that attackers need.

Configured Uniquely In Every Instance

Each Airlock deployment results in a unique whitelist according to customer needs.

Therefore, attackers are unable to test their attacks against Airlock before attacking your organization, as your security is unique.

Complete File Visibility and Control

Airlock verifies, monitors and records all file executions across the organisation.

Therefore, significantly increasing the ability for organisations to understand, detect and respond to malicious activity.

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