Integrated Security Service to Monitor, Prevent, Monitor, Prevent, Detect and Analyze Cybersecurity Attacks

Leverage the best-of-breed SOC services with rapid incident response to meet your ever-evolving security challenges. Many businesses suffer catastrophically due to cyber-attacks because they fail to prepare. To prevent, detect and respond to sophisticate threat handling, requires security professional with expertise and experience in handling it. The solution to keep business safe is setting up Security Operations Centre (SOC).

A SOC runs by security professional who work on monitoring entire organizations information landscape.

All the tools and technology in organization need to be seamlessly integrated with SOC to detect the malicious activity and find right impact on the infrastructure. With Managed SOC service all these worries being handled by us. EMT provides Managed SOC services for on premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructure that ensures keeping your business safe without worries.

We Provide Managed SOC services that has acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied size and scale of projects globally.